Home of Matthias Hoster

Home of Matthias Hoster

My name is Matthias Hoster. I am living together with my wife and daughter in Munich, Germany. To earn a living I am working as a mathematician for Munich Re, the world's leading reinsurance company.

I love spending time with my family - including pastimes like cooking and hiking. What time is left after subtracting job and family from my waking hours I spend on meeting friends, reading and coding. I loath to waste time on maintaining virtual profiles for the alone sake of getting attention of people I never would care to meet in reality. And I do not savour the god-like power of giving the blessing of thumb-up to poor creatures begging for notice neither. So, you will never find me on these social network sites.

But why run this web site then? There are many reasons. First of all I like coding and I like the web. Thus, what better than coding for the web? On the other hand it is a simple way of sharing fotos with people I actually do care for in reality.

And finally, it may be that you are an open-minded and nice person trying to contact me for real. Then here you can find the means to do it.

Enjoy my site!